How now brown cow?

Alright, Alberta’s more than just cows and oil you know.

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Nanton Alberta Lancaster Museum

If you have never had the chance, be sure to drop by the Lancaster Museum in Nanton Alberta. A great collection of military history in a small town. Here are some restored aircraft decals. Be sure to ask for a tour of their Lancaster bomber.

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You can never be too obedient

Angel and Trigger practice their moves before the competition starts at the GSP National Specialty.

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Outlook Pork Fire

Devistating fire at the Outlook Pork feedmill has destroyed much of the building. Hours after the fire started, hot spots still smoulder under the careful observation of the fire department.

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West Coast Fishing

I spent a few days off the BC coast fishing for salmon and although the fish were not co-operating, I did manage to come home with some fresh fish and enjoyed some great humpback whale watching. This whale apparently comes through the channels we were fishing in every year. At some time, he must have gotten too close to a large ship. Damage to his tail fin makes him or her, easy to identify. How do you tell the sex of a whale? We were not interested in getting that close.

When the whales weren’t entertaining us, it was the eagles turn. They constantly sat perched in the nearby trees watching the fishing boats. If you caught small fish, you could whistle for an eagle and leave your catch floating in the water to watch the eagles swoop down from the trees for an easy lunch.


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Fly fishing lessons

My casting technique was greatly improved during the Chinook Waters Fly Fishing Conclave in Lethbridge Alberta.

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Adorable Puppies outside for the first time

The first time our puppies enjoyed the outdoors. They seemed fearless and even tried to take flight. Fortunately their wings / ears were too small dumbo.

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Beyond Wet

A visit to Atlanta for work allowed us to take some down time and visit the local aquarium which was just a few blocks from my hotel. The aquarium was great and much larger than I expected, packed full of great exhibits.

The lighting was terrible, the animals were often uncooperative, and the glare from display lights on the glass surfaces made it difficult to get good shots. Some of the glass was so thick, it was impossible to get pictures without some glare.

I think my favorite pictures were of the crocs. They didn’t move at all, and constantly stared directly at me while I snapped away.

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Chief Mountain

Fishing trips to Police Outpost Lake for trophy fly fishing can sometimes be interrupted by the odd curious grizzly bear. When we were to timid to make our hands and gear smell like bear dinner, there was plenty of sight seeing to do. Just a short walk to the US boarder allows you to see some great wildlife, and on a clear day, a fabulous view of Chief Mountain.

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