Welcome to the new website

Alright, I’ve finally found an easy method to share my photos, thoughts, and work with all of my friends, without having to stay up until 2am in the morning working on getting webpages uploaded. Over the next few days I hope to migrate all of my old posts over to this new site, so be sure to look back through the archives for comments and stories on the events.

I hope you enjoy this new site. Drop me a note if you have any comments.

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Just Junk

Countryside tours turn up railway construction supplies along a rail siding near Barons Alberta. The harsh and bright light made for interesting colours in the deep blue/black of the rusting steel parts.

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Got Goat

The most interesting eyes in the goat from a nearby farm. Animals are always a challenge. They often wont sit still long enough, and my camera never seems ready when the fun stuff happens.

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GSP Field Club – Jetty

A wonderfully obedient and sweet dog named Jetty. She must have sat for 50 pictures and never complained. Even when we started with the funny outfits, hats and accessories.

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On Guard

Everyone needs somebody to lend them a little help and protection from time to time.

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Baby chicks enjoy their first meal

Day one on the farm, fresh out of the egg. These chicks learn how to find food in the big red dish!

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In need of winter feed

Warm weather let these cows forage some of late falls old grass, while allowing everyone to enjoy a sunny day.

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Maybe a new rod will help

Fly rod building with the Chinook Waters Fly Fishing Club in Lethbridge was great fun. Now to get out on the water.

Thanks to the guys from Pieroway for great product and great instruction.

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Is harvest done yet?

Harvest is quickly coming to an end as grain trucks race from the field, and multi million dollar equipment is put to use to get grain in the bin.


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Fetch never gets old

My oldest dog never stops. It’s always time to eat, hunt or play. Well naps are good too.

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